Movember and Doing work!

by Scott 26. November 2012 10:07



 It has been a very very long time since my last blog.  I believe it was before Badwater sometime.  It seems like so long ago that journey in my life has been completed.  Since Badwater i have been very busy at my job taking classes and studying for a promotional test that did  not go as planned, hey whats 3 months of studying anyways!  


As usual there is always the next big thing, or a series of little things to do.  My 2013 already had MDS on it, so I just wanted to sprinkle a few things on to it.  Trying to keep local as much as I can so I am not away like I used to be, but still taking advantage of my ability to swap  time and travel.  


We ( Christina) and I decided we would join her friends and run the Disney Marathon, this being their first and us wanting to go easy and take pictures and goof off.  I did want to do an early season Ironman as well, sooo  we decided to schedule our own goofy.  I will do the full Ironman and Christina will do the half,  then run Disney the next day.   


I also decided to rock the boat a bit,  i wanted to add some strength events and train differently this season.  I own a computrainer center so I need to take advantage of that and ride indoors and spend more time on other things.  So i decided to try 8 hours of pull ups to raise money for the 2nd Annual Doghouse Bike Give away,  Last year I ran eight hours on the treadmill.  I also decided to do a competition in the World Police and Fire games called the toughest competitor alive.  


So now it is was creeping on late October and no real training has gone down, so In November I started working with AJ at Crossfit Delray Beach and I wrote my own program for Ironman which consist of all rides on the computrainer, with an outdoor ride every week or so.  This cuts down the ride time by about 50% and will allow me to train heavy weights twice a week.  


I also decided to do Sebring 24 hour bike race and will apply to the Furnace creek 508. 


I will also do Ironman Louisville,  this will be special because I am heading up an Ironman group at lululemon.  This was Jen Vogel's brain child as she is doing the group at her lululemon in Jacksonville  Jen and Christina will also be fighting for Kona slots.  This will be an interesting day!!  I will watch several people have their dreams come true and finish an Ironman, and watch two talented athletes push as hard as they can for the coveted Kona spot.  



I will post my progress on my 10 week Ironman computrainer program. 


Dirty 30

by Scott 16. June 2012 19:40


So here I am, 30 days out from a race that took 2 years to get to.  Endless painful miles and personal challenges behind me.  Now starts the 30 nights of going to bed wondering if I did enough training, enough suffering. .   I was running the other day and started to think about all the hoops physically and mentally you must jump through in life to achieve a prize, a goal.   People use this phrase “jumping through hoops’   I think it’s kind of funny.   Of course when I think of it, it turns into extreme hoop jumping.  First hoop, easy some guy holding a rather large hoop and you just hop right through.  Of course these hoops get harder and harder as we put more and more pressure on ourselves.  By the end of it you could have to do a back flip of a building through a tiny hoop that is spinning on an axis with flames and poison snakes.  Think about it, it always gets harder the closer you get, but why?   We need to think back of why we wanted to jump through that first hoop.  Things were simple that first hoop.  You were being authentic and true to yourself, you were curious and scared.  You can even go as far as saying the hoop is the circle of things you want in your life, and everything else is on the outside.   So now what?  Why are the last hoops so hard!   Mine will be easy,   it’s huge and I am going to step through it.  I have come full circle.   I started this journey with a goal. A personal goal.  No sponsors no charity no reason other than I wanted to run the toughest footrace on the planet, feel the pain of it and let the magic of the desert take over my mind.  I want to run the same path as the great ones before me.  I want to lose myself and surrender to the desert.  I have amazing people in my life who have been holding the hoop nice and steady for me, I am lucky.  So this last hoop of 30 days will be amazing.  I am ready, I am ready to jump.  





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